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HELLO, I'm Mélanie!

As a creative and somewhat romantic person, my passion for weddings was born during my own wedding preparation held in Santorini. I watched with great pride as all my inspirations and creations came to life on the big day. That’s how I was inspired to create wedding stationery.

With over ten years of international experience in the luxury industry, notably in London, Dubai, and Geneva, I have refined my expertise and skills. I have had the opportunity to travel to over 50 countries, allowing me to acquire a rich knowledge of many different customs and cultures.

I am passionate about making your wedding day authentic by bringing your ideas to life. For example, designing beautiful stationery to create an elegant invitation, crafting your seating plans, laying out your menu, and experimenting with different textures and colors. With my six years of experience in graphic design and stationery, I have sourced the best papers and embellishments for your projects.


Our studio specializes in the technique of hot foil stamping, a method that adds real value and a luxurious touch to your stationery. This artisanal process is carried out on-site using our press made in England, ensuring exceptional quality, finesse, and durability. This traditional craftsmanship allows for infinite creative finishes for your wedding stationery.

We also handle part of the printing of the stationery and all the assembly in-house in the south of France.

Attentive to your wishes, it is with pleasure and kindness that I will accompany you on this great adventure. Furthermore, being multilingual, I can assist you in French, English, Maltese and Italian, ensuring smooth and adapted communication for your needs.